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Strategies and Action Plans

Effective strategies are key to prioritising the big issues


A sustainability strategy (or a Sustainable Development Action Plan in the case of public sector organisations) provides a powerful approach for prioritising key sustainability issues in a way that maximises positive outcomes and business benefits.


FuturoFirma works with both private and public sector organisations to identify the risks and opportunities associated with sustainability, develop strategies for addressing them and implement effective
solutions that are aligned with corporate goals, organisational ethos
and business priorities.


Benefits of a strategic approach for addressing
sustainability issues:



Provides a framework for managing risks and opportunities:
A sound sustainability strategy will identify the business risks and opportunities associated with sustainability and provide a blueprint for mitigating or capitalising on them.



Prioritises issues and initiatives: As sustainability is a broad concept, a strategic framework is useful for prioritising those issues that can deliver greatest impact and business benefits.



Provides a basis for regular review: The goals, objectives and targets in the strategy can serve as a frame of reference against which sustainability gaps and progress can be regularly assessed.



Communicates the organisation’s vision to stakeholders:
A sustainable strategy can be useful for coherently communicating the organisation’s sustainability vision and plans to investors, staff and stakeholders.