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Sustainability Reporting

What is not measured cannot be managed


Organisations will only be able to maximise the benefits of their sustainability strategies and initiatives if they adequately understand the impacts of their activities and processes. Furthermore, unless their systems for measuring and reporting sustainability impacts are robust, their claims of sustainable performance will be viewed with scepticism by stakeholders.


FuturoFirma works with organisations to develop and implement robust sustainability monitoring and reporting frameworks, that enable them to transparently assess their sustainability impacts and credibly communicate performance to stakeholders.


Benefits of monitoring and reporting sustainability performance:



Indicates progress against the sustainability strategy:
Regularly assessing sustainability performance enables organisations to gauge progress towards the goals set out in the sustainability strategy, and to identify any associated risks, threats and gaps.



Communication of performance to stakeholders: A robust and comprehensive sustainability report is a useful tool for communicating progress and sustainability performance to stakeholders, regulators and partners.



Demonstrates regulatory compliance: Regulators globally are increasingly requiring companies to demonstrably integrate sustainability principles into business operations, processes and product design. A sustainability report can help to satisfy regulators that this is being done.



Benchmarking and comparing performance: A monitoring framework can help organisations benchmark sustainability performance against accepted industry standards or against the performance of competitors and partners. If performance is significantly better than competitors, this can be a valuable differentiator in the market place.



Identification of gaps, risks, strengths, threats, etc:
A sustainability report can highlight areas where more work is required, where targets are not being met, where they are being exceeded, etc. These can then inform where and how the organisation invests future effort and resources.