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Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates are now required by law


Whenever a property is constructed, sold or rented in Northern Ireland, the builder, seller or landlord now has to make an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) available to the new owner (in the case of a new build), or to the prospective buyer or tenant of the property.

An EPC rates the energy efficiency of a building using standard methods and assumptions, so that its energy efficiency can be compared to similar buildings. A recommendation report is also issued with the EPC, which sets out cost effective measures that can improve the property’s energy efficiency and performance.


FuturoFirma are accredited energy assessors and are qualified to conduct energy assessments and to produce Energy Performance Certificates in Northern Ireland.


Benefits of providing an EPC to buyers and tenants of
your property:



It is the Law: The Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2008 made it a mandatory requirement for builders, sellers and landlords to provide EPCs for properties that they have constructed, or which they are either selling or letting.



It can improve the attractiveness of the property to tenants and buyers: An EPC will provide a grading that reflects the energy efficiency of a property. Where a good grade is achieved, this can make the property attractive to potential tenants and purchasers, who will recognise the cost savings associated with the
enhanced efficiency.



Avoidance of penalties: Where a builder, seller or landlord fails to provide an EPC to a prospective buyer or tenant, he or she will be liable to pay a fine – the cost of which far exceeds the costs of getting an EPC.