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Energy Management

Robust energy management reduces both costs and risks


Energy represents a significant cost to many organisations, and in these times of volatile and unpredictable prices, also represents a significant risk. A robust approach to managing energy, that combines an effective strategy with the right practical interventions and monitoring frameworks, can result in optimised energy consumption, which can in turn realise cost savings and reduced risks.


FuturoFirma devises and implements effective energy management strategies that help organisations better understand the key issues affecting their energy consumption, plan and implement measures to address them, and put in place frameworks to monitor ongoing performance and improvement.


Benefits of effective energy management:



Reduces operational costs: The most obvious business benefit of managing and reducing energy consumption is the resultant reduction in energy costs. Typically, an organisations can save up to 20% on their fuel bills simply by managing their energy use and investing in cost-effective measures.



Improves organisational reputation: Customers, investors and potential staff increasingly consider impacts on society and environment when making decisions. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability through improved energy management, therefore has the potential to put the company in a stronger position in
the marketplace.



Indicates a well-run organisation: Energy efficiency reflects an efficient organisation that understands wider risks and opportunities, is considerate of the society and environment and is compliant with regulations. These attributes can attract investment and improve recruitment and retention.