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Carbon Reduction Commitment

Did your organisation have at least one half hourly electricity meter settled on the half hourly market in 2008?


If so, your organisation will be affected by the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme – the UK’s new carbon emissions trading scheme that came into effect on the 1st of April 2010.


FuturoFirma can help you assess the actions that are required of you under the scheme, and can support you in meeting your obligations on an ongoing basis.


What is the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme?

The CRC is a new mandatory emissions trading scheme that aims to reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency amongst large public and private sector organisations.


Organisations that consumed more than 6000 MWh via ‘settled half-hourly electricity meters’ in 2008 will have to register and fully participate in the scheme.


Participating organisations will be required to monitor emissions from energy use, report emissions annually, and purchase and surrender allowances corresponding to their emissions.


Notably, revenue raised from the annual sale of allowances will be recycled back to participants. Performance on a League Table – to be published annually by the Administrators, will determine the proportion of revenue that is recycled to each participant.


How can FuturoFirma assist you?


FuturoFirma can help you prepare for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and manage and meet your associated obligations on an ongoing basis.


In particular, we can help you:



Ascertain if your organisation qualifies for the scheme
by supporting you in tracking and assessing your emissions and energy consumption.



Register for the scheme if your electricity consumption was above the 6000 MWh qualifying threshold.



Prepare and submit an information disclosure to the Scheme Administrator if your organisation’s energy consumption was below the 6000 MWh threshold.



Prepare and submit the mandatory reports required under the scheme, including the Footprint and Annual reports that participants are obliged to provide.



Develop strategies for buying and trading allowances from Government or the secondary market to minimise both regulatory and price risks.



Manage your carbon & energy performance to improve your wider environmental performance and to better meet your obligations under the scheme.



Prepare, update and maintain your evidence pack for presentation to the Administrators when required, thus minimising the risk of fines and penalties.