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Sustainability Assessment

An assessment demonstrates high standards


The Planning Reform (Northern Ireland) Orders 2006 mandates the Northern Ireland Planning Appeals Commission to evaluate planning applications with the objective of contributing to sustainable development. Demonstrating that a proposed development will meet or exceed recognised sustainability standards can therefore strengthen an applicant’s case for planning consent.


FuturoFirma undertakes robust sustainability assessments that evaluate and report the social, environmental and economic impacts of a development and highlights the measures that have been taken by the developer to mitigate any adverse impacts. Amongst other things, a sustainability assessment sets out how the design will impact energy consumption, local traffic, public transport availability, its fit with the local environment and its implications on social inclusion, social capital, safety, etc.


Benefits of undertaking a sustainability assessment:



Demonstrates the ‘sustainability’ of the development:
A robust sustainability assessment will verify the sustainability credentials of a development in a way that is measurable, auditable and based on sound and accepted methodologies.



Strengthens the application for planning consent: In assessing applications for planning consent, contribution to sustainability is one of the key criteria considered by planning authorities. Demonstrating – through a robust sustainability assessment, that a proposed development will meet or exceed high sustainability standards, can therefore strengthen an application for
planning consent.



Improves attractiveness of the property to buyers & tenants: Consumers are increasingly aware of the long term benefits of sustainable design – not only for wider society and environment, but also in terms of lower energy costs, improved health and safety, higher re-sale value, etc. An assessment that sets out the sustainability attributes of a development can therefore be a valuable marketing tool.



Demonstrates regulatory compliance: The threat of climate change and greater recognition of the impacts of developments, is leading to more environmentally and socially focused development regulations and policies. An assessment that demonstrates good sustainability performance, can provide evidence that relevant regulations have been met.