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Carbon Reduction Commitment

Did your organisation have at least one half hourly electricity meter settled on the half hourly market in 2008?

If so, your organisation will be affected by the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme – the UK’s new carbon emissions trading scheme that came into effect on 01st April 2010. FuturoFirma can help you assess the actions that are required of you under the scheme, and can support you in meeting your obligations on an ongoing basis.

Strategies and Action Plans

Effective strategies are key to prioritising the big issues
A sustainability strategy (or a Sustainable Development Action Plan in the case of public sector organisations) provides a powerful approach for prioritising key sustainability issues in a way that maximises positive outcomes and business benefits.

Sustainability Reporting

What is not measured cannot be managed

Organisations need to adequately understand their impacts in order to realise the benefits of a sustainable approach. Furthermore, unless measurement frameworks are robust, claims of sustainable performance will be viewed with scepticism by stakeholders.

Sustainability Assessment

An assessment demonstrates high standards

Demonstrating that a development meets recognised sustainability standards will strengthen the application for planning consent and improve the marketability of the development.

Carbon Footprinting

Managing carbon emissions can reduce costs

The challenge of climate change is drawing increasing attention to carbon emissions. Stakeholders and regulators now expect organisations to manage and report their carbon impacts, and demonstrate a commitment to reducing them.

Energy Management

Robust energy management reduces both costs and risks

An effective energy management strategy combined with the appropriate interventions and monitoring frameworks, will optimise energy consumption, which can in turn realise cost savings and reduced exposure to volatile energy markets.

Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates are now required by law

Whenever a property is constructed, sold or rented in Northern Ireland, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) now has to be made available to the new owner (in the case of a new build), or to the prospective buyer or tenant of the property.