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Market Sectors


Businesses & Commercial Organisations

A sustainable approach can increase profitability

With its emphasis on efficiency and minimisation of adverse impacts, a sustainable approach can reduce business costs, minimise commercial risks, improve staff retention & recruitment, contribute to achievement of corporate objectives, and ultimately increase profitability
and shareholder value.

Public Sector Bodies

A sustainable approach is key to meeting your statutory duty

The integration of sustainability principles into operations, service delivery, procurement, estate management, etc., can help public sector organisations minimise operational costs, provide local leadership on sustainability, improve efficiency and demonstrate compliance with the statutory requirement to contribute to sustainability.

Developers and Urban Planners

A sustainable approach strengthens the case for planning consent

Integrating sustainability into the design, construction and management of urban spaces, buildings and transport systems can reduce operating and construction costs, maximise health and safety, improve fit, exploit renewable and clean technologies, enhance attractiveness to end users and strengthen the case for planning consent.


Producers and Exporters of goods

A sustainable approach can help you become supplier of choice

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability can help producers and exporters meet and exceed the rigorous sustainability standards that procurement functions in global firms now demand of their supply chains, and provide assurances to increasingly sustainability-aware consumers of the conformity of their products with key sustainability principles.