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About FuturoFirma


Based in Northern Ireland, FuturoFirma utilises robust methods to help our clients develop and implement strategies, processes and solutions for managing and monitoring the risks and opportunities associated with sustainability.


The services that we provide and our ways of working are framed not only by our strong belief in the principles that underpin the concept of sustainability, but also by our recognition of the overwhelming business case for a sustainable approach.


We work with diverse clients across a range of sectors, supporting them in various ways, from measuring energy consumption and carbon footprints, to devising complex implementation programmes and sustainability measurement frameworks.


Our Approach
Our approach to delivering assignments and the way that we engage with clients are guided by the following key principles:



Commitment to sustainable business: We believe that the generation of wealth is the greatest contribution that an enterprise can make to society. In supporting clients therefore, we devise solutions that increase profitability, but which align both with corporate goals and sustainability principles.



Client-specific solutions: We do not believe in implementing ‘one size fits all' generic solutions. In any assignment that we undertake, we ensure that we thoroughly understand the client's business needs and operations, and provide advice and solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements and circumstances.



Partnership: We work with our clients and actively engage with their teams and their staff, to ensure that their views and experiences are incorporated into solutions.



Skills and knowledge transfer: We firmly believe that a sound and well-rounded skill base is fundamental for sustaining positive change within organisations. Not only do we work closely with clients therefore, but we also seek to impart knowledge and skills to client staff at every stage of our engagement.



Robustness: Sustainable development is a broad and complex concept, attributes that make it open to misrepresentation and incorrect assumptions. We believe that robust methodologies and processes can improve understanding of the concept and provide sustainability strategies with the credibility necessary to influence behaviours and obtain the requisite buy-in from stakeholders.